At dusk on October 14th, 2011, in Chinatown, honolulu Zombies arose from their graves in search of booze and Braaaaaaains!  The contagion spread quickly, selling out to over 300 living-dead.    

Zombies spread the virus clear across town.  some came freshly bitten, and others were mangled, rotting corpses... but all were on the scene.  Bartenders sold drink specials, and slang as fast as they could, hoping to stave off the hordes, but nothing could stop the zombies from infiltrating! 

the Un-dead were everywhere!  They were sipping martini's at Bambu Two and Indigo.  They were singing with the band at  Mercury Bar  and  The Dragon Upstairs.  They were playing Piano at Hank’s Cafe and rocking out at O’Toole’s Irish Pub.  At one point Bar 35 and 39 Hotel tried to contain them, but they burst out into the streets!  The virus had spread and soon they were grubbing on flesh at Downbeat Diner, diving at SMitty’s Union bar, and eating Brains on pizza at J.J. Dolan's.  They finally stumbled into the Venue, skanking to the sounds of The Blue Ribbons and  Go Jimmy Go!!

No on was safe... The roller girls from hawaii pacific roller derby showed up dead on skates, Along with housewives, butchers, football players, brides, grooms, even cats!  Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, and superwoman showed up too!! To help calm those who hadn't yet realized they were the living-dead, cash prizes were handed out to the winners of the  costume contest and the Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Shaka Booth was there to capture the un-dead experience, and a portion of the proceeds for the zombie bash went to Surfrider "Spirit" Sessions.   

Thank you for making Hawaii’s first ever ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL a smash hit!!